Marine Crew Transportation

Our company’s reach surprises some.  We don’t view our company as big.  We simply grew to meet our customers’ needs.  Despite our size, we remain flexible and work hard to maintain timely and clear communication.  Short  timelines and rapidly changing schedules require us to keep pace in an ever changing work environment.

We own an extensive fleet  of  passenger vans  with  sophisticated  technology and  employ only the most efficient dispatchers.  This  and  ongoing connection  to  the  Owner and  WME home office provide real-time  reporting--helping to eliminate  errors  and  improve  reliability. Our personnel take great  pride  in  assisting crew  members, ensuring  they arrive  at  their destination on time, making a  seamless  transition  to  their next  assignment.  We  are committed to providing  24/7  communication  to  ensure  your satisfaction.

Our company meets every insurance  and  bond  requirement  allowing  us  to  maintain  access  to all public and private docks  and  ports  in  the  U.S.  Gulf Region.

Services provided include:

  • Marine Crew Transportation
  • Custom/Immigrations Clearance
  • TWIC escort

Passenger Vans

We own an extensive fleet of passenger vans with sophisticated technology and employ only the most efficient dispatchers. This and ongoing connection to the Owner and WME home office provide real-time reporting--helping to eliminate errors and improve reliability. Our personnel take great pride in assisting crew members, ensuring they arrive at their destination on time making a seamless transition to their next assignment. We are committed in providing 24/7 communication to ensure your satisfaction.

Our company meets every insurance and bond requirement allowing us to gain access to all public and private docks and ports in the U.S. Gulf Region.

Crew Transportation

Personal escort

Onboarding and departing crew may also need an escort. Our company provides this service as well. Our company’s escort services are precise and detail oriented. When we transport crew and other personnel to the airport for their flight or other points of departure, our staff remains with them the entire time. From getting their ticket to boarding, we ensure your employee’s safety as well as the security of our maritime transportation network. We pride ourselves on our integrity and excellent customer service.

Medical treatment of crew members

If crew members fall ill or require medical attention, we also offer escort services for them. Our TWIC credentialed staff take them to the appropriate facility. We also return crew to their vessel when appropriate.

Stowaway repatriation

If a client’s crew includes individuals with expired shore passes or detention orders, they must receive a credentialed escort to their destination. We accept custody and transport them to their point of departure and remain with them until the appropriate authorities take custody for their repatriation to their country of origin.

TWIC Escort

Enhanced security measures require maritime industry workers to have a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card. TWIC clearance, as provided by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), is required when approved to go on board all secure maritime transportation facilities, docks, vessels, or ports--public and private--within U.S. jurisdiction. Personnel without the credential require a TWIC qualified escort to accompany them during their visit. WME provides TWIC Escort services to Export or Importers, Freight Forwarders, Insurance Representatives or Surveyors who need to conduct business in secured or restricted areas, but lack the required TWIC card.